Talking about Depression

It can be really hard to start a conversation about depression with someone you care about. Because depression doesn’t show up as a physical illness like a chest cold or a stomach bug it can be hard to describe what you are going through. Having a starting point to talk about depression is a great way to begin the conversation. Adolescents may have fears about opening up about how they are feeling. Not only because of the depressive feelings but also because they may have fears about being judged or being unworthy.

On a prior post, we talked about what depression is and how it may present itself. That list may be a great place to start talking to your adolescent about what is happening. Ask them about how they have been feeling or if any of those things have been happening. You can help relieve some fears by saying “I am just here to listen for you right now, not judge or give advice unless you want it.”

Tell us about how you’ve started conversations in the past. What was useful to start with? 


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