The back-to-school transition

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Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons via Library of Congress

August is upon us and that time of the year is quickly approaching!  Stores are already advertising “back-to-school” sales on all the products to prepare you and your family for the new school year.  However, what does your mental tool kit look like with this latest transition?

It is important to acknowledge this transition, and unfortunately it is one that is not talked about enough.  Therefore, to help with this, in 2016, Mental Health America put out a Back to School toolkit.  The toolkit has resources for parents and other adults, as well as materials for students. They also have a helpful back-to-school checklist!

Want more information about the back-to-school transition?  Check out these other great online resources:

Lastly, parents, find out more about how to prepare your child with special needs for the back-to-school transition by reading this article. The article is full of tips and tricks to help set up you and your child for success this coming school year. We know that buying the latest and greatest shoes for your kid may be the least of your worries!

What do you and your family do or talk about to prepare for the new school year?  Are you going to try anything new this year? Leave us a comment below!

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