Your child becoming independent


One day your little person grows up and looks like an adult – it seems like it happens overnight.

Sometimes these physical changes make it hard for parents to realize that young people are still going through developmental tasks.

What are those? Just like your doctor helped check off if your child started walking and talking at the right time, they can help you also think about if your adolescent or young person is meeting their milestones.

One of the biggest milestones is developing independence.

All of a sudden, a young person has a desire to depend more on themselves. It doesn’t seem to make any sense. They don’t have any experience at all – so why are they trying to make decisions about things that you could help them figure out right away?

It goes back to the cliche about learning from your own mistakes. Its a normal stage for adolescents to go through.

Sometimes it can be tough for you as a parent though! It is nice to feel like someone needs you – when all of a sudden that person tries to do it on their own, it can be tough to deal with. But give yourself a break and a pat on the back. They have the courage to try things out on their own and make their own decisions because you have given them the support they need to get to this exciting and new stage in their lives!

This article from WebMD provides tips for young people to talk to their parents. By reading it, it will also help you understand why sometimes their drive for independence can make it tough to be a parent!

Have you ever felt like it was tough to see your child spread their wings? Let us know below!

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