Making Social Media Work for You

Do you sometimes get frustrated about seeing things you don’t want to see on your social media feeds?

Maybe you are not someone who likes pictures of food. But you have a contact or friend who posts what they eat for every meal?! You might enjoy spending time with them, but you just can’t see one more picture of their Starbucks drink or what they ate for dinner last night. What do you do?


On a more serious note, what if there is someone who is bullying or not being nice to you or others (or your child)? How do you avoid them and look at your other friends’ posts?

The good news is social media is catching up with our needs. You can and you should customize your newsfeed to show you what you want to see. Here is an article about how to declutter your Facebook by unfollowing, hiding posts, personalizing friend newsfeed lists, and unfriending.

Do you have tips about how to customize other social media sites you use? Share them below!

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