Well Beings

This week, we wanted to highlight a website that uses videos and storytelling as a way for teens and young adults to be open about their mental health and well-being and how a variety of things can affect them. Well Beings uses both traditional news-style reporting and vlogs to talk about topics such as controlling one’s thoughts, using positive psychology in class, and how things like reading and music are useful coping tools. Going beyond these videos, Well Beings is also planning to virtually tour across the country, paring with local communities and public media stations to help address stigma and talk about mental health in 24 cities. Continue reading Well Beings

Medication Reminders

Let’s be honest: we’ve all missed taking a daily medication. It might be because you were too busy, in a rush, or simply forgot. If your child is on medication, they may have also missed taking them because they didn’t have the energy to do so due to their depression, or their brain might have been too foggy to remember because of other mental health issues getting in the way. Continue reading Medication Reminders

Easy Recipes to Increase Serotonin

The SOVA Project is happy to feature this blog post written by one in our team of fantastic SOVA Ambassadors—these are young people who help create meaningful blog posts from adolescents’ perspectives. We hope you can use their post to start a conversation with your adolescent.

I don’t know about you guys, but I am in constant need of some serotonin. If you don’t know what serotonin is, it is the chemical in your body that helps regulate mood, social behavior, appetite, sleep, memory, and sexual desire. Depression can be the result of having an imbalance and a lack of serotonin in your body. Obviously, increasing serotonin levels is just one part of coping with depression, a practice that requires a variety of different techniques (all of which are different for everyone) but I thought sharing some quick (college-kid-feasible) recipes would be a fun easy method that many could incorporate into their lives to be healthier both physically and mentally. Continue reading Easy Recipes to Increase Serotonin

Young Adult Novels about Mental Health

We often use fictional novels as a means of escaping, to explore new worlds and living the lives of characters as a means of getting away from our own. And although fictional books are just that, fiction, stories are almost always reflective of things going on in reality. And although novels give us an opportunity to escape, we may find ourselves becoming attached to characters who share our backgrounds and experiences, and we may find ourselves learning more about who we are through them. Continue reading Young Adult Novels about Mental Health

An Online Guide to Medications

The idea of taking antidepressants or any other medication to support mental health can sound intimidating and almost scary at first. You and your child might have a ton of questions about which is the most effective for your child, how they might affect them, the potential side effects, or even just how to pronounce the names. Continue reading An Online Guide to Medications

Asian American Mental Health Resources

This week, we wanted to highlight how mental health affects Asian Americans. Asian American teen girls have the highest rates of depressive symptoms of any ethnic and gender group, Southeast Asian Americans experience high stress due to the threat of deportations, and Asian adolescents who face racial discrimination are more likely to experience depressive symptoms. Because of the rise of anti-Asian racism as a result of COVID-19, these symptoms have likely increased.

Continue reading Asian American Mental Health Resources

Voices of Youth

A lot of the times, it feels like people who speak for adolescents and how and why they feel the way they do…aren’t adolescents. While some of this makes sense – therapists and mental health experts for example have the background to explain why adolescents may experience the things they do – it can get frustrating seeing news stories and reports talking about what adolescents are going through without actually talking to them. Continue reading Voices of Youth

The Green Ribbon Library

The Green Ribbon Library is a developing platform designed to give adolescents, parents, caregivers, and more the opportunity to view educational videos on a variety of topics that can impact the mental health of teens and young adults. By watching these short videos about topics such as ADHD, mental health in athletes, cultural differences in mental health, spectrum disorders, viewers can gain insight about how all of these can affect an adolescent’s mental health and how to either cope with or support the adolescents in their lives.

The website even has an ability to create an account so users can save the videos that are most relevant to them and share them with those they feel can benefit as well. You can check out the site here!

Do you use any resources to learn about adolescent mental health? Do you prefer reading or watching to learn? What topics would you like to learn about when it comes to adolescent mental health?

Practicing Radical Self-Care

Self-care has become a term that always pops up when talking about mental health and wellness. The most common image is that of meditating, taking a bath, or doing a face mask. Self-care is so much more than that though. While these moments of nurture are helpful, self-care is a radical act for many as they learn to put their needs, emotions, and well-being first. Continue reading Practicing Radical Self-Care