Logging the Good Things

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and on Monday, we talked about ways that you can use the holiday for you and that love doesn’t always have to be shown to others, but to yourself as well. We all have different things that bring us joy – animals, good food, the weather, your favorite clothes – the list can go on forever.

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Helping Your Child Improve Their Sleep

We posted our interview with Dr. Levenson last week about her work in researching sleeping patterns in adolescents and how continuously getting a good night’s rest is important during this time. However, sleeping patterns and the amount of sleep adolescents get can get jumbled because of mental illness: we’ve also previously talked about “depression naps” and the effects that they can have. Overall, it’s difficult for adolescents to get the recommended amount of sleep they should be getting, and with higher rates of mental illness within this age group today, it can be even more difficult because of the ways that it can affect your sleep, such as depression napping and insomnia. Continue reading Helping Your Child Improve Their Sleep

Organizations for Mental Health and Youth Around the World

Everyone’s experience with mental health and how they handle it are different. This is especially true on a global scale: no two countries provide the exact same treatment and share the exact same stigmas and beliefs about mental health.

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The Hunt for Podcasts

Podcasts have boosted in popularity in recent years. Pretty much anyone can start one, about any topic, and talk for as long as they want about it, with a few tangents and distractions here and there. This popularity and accessibility, while convenient, can also feel overwhelming with the sheer number of podcasts available per the infinite number of topics.

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