Using Social Media at Night

It may be hard for some to remember the last time that they got a proper, full night’s sleep. Schoolwork, jobs, and extracurricular activities are just a few things that can contribute to an adolescent’s hectic and busy schedule. Simply put, there aren’t enough hours in the day for people to do everything that they want, and they often sacrifice the time they should be using sleeping to get everything else done.

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Cleaning Up Your Social Media

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by social media. With all the different kinds of accounts we can have, the way we can rely on the number of likes and comments we get, and the tendency we have to compare ourselves to others about what we post, social media can heighten feelings of anxiety and/or depression, especially for adolescents today. It doesn’t help that people sometimes endlessly scroll through their social media during depressive episodes or times of increased anxiety, because that’s really all their brains have the energy to do. Continue reading Cleaning Up Your Social Media

Do You Want Access to Your Child’s Social Media?

Like it or not, we’re all on social media in some way. Despite the large amount of sites and platforms available, the chances that you have an account on the same platform as your child is pretty likely. You could both be on Facebook, even if your child may not have touched theirs in months (or even years), or you may both have Instagram accounts. You might be following each other, or your child may not know that your account exists at all.

Even if you don’t have accounts on the same platform, your child is likely also using social media in some way.
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Why do Teens Like Cringe Humor?

We talked about how exactly we use humor and laughter as a coping mechanism for mental health on Monday. Of course, everyone finds different things amusing (memes and self-deprecating humor are two topics we’ve covered before), but cringe humor has started to become more and more popular among adolescents on social media. Continue reading Why do Teens Like Cringe Humor?

World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day. You’ve probably seen tons of posts online about the importance of ending the stigma and starting conversations about mental illness – and that’s a good thing! Social media can often be a trigger for mental illness symptoms, but it’s also a platform where people can open up and be honest about their struggles. We’ve talked a ton about how social media has been a primary source for mental health conversations in several posts – check out a few here. Continue reading World Mental Health Day

Going Private

You may think of two different things when you think about social media. You may think that social media makes everyone an open book, spilling all their secrets and sharing too much information so you know where they are, what they’re eating, and who they’re with at any given moment. You may alternatively think that social media is fake and controlled, and that people on social media only share what they think will get them the most attention. Continue reading Going Private

Is Not Using Smartphones Actually Bad for Your Mental Health?

The popular narrative says that social media, smartphones, and constantly being online has had a negative effect on our mental health, especially for adolescents. It can be difficult not to be bogged down by comparing ourselves to others, wanting validation for content that we create through likes and comments, or feeling confused and anxious about a possible passive aggressive postContinue reading Is Not Using Smartphones Actually Bad for Your Mental Health?

Why has Juul Attracted So Many Adolescents?

Chances are, you’ve heard of JUUL. Like any phenomenon and trend, the word itself may cause an immediate response: recognition, mocking, maybe even confusion. But like any phenomenon or trends, especially one that’s mostly popular with teenagers and young adults, everyone has an opinion on them. Continue reading Why has Juul Attracted So Many Adolescents?