Headspace on Netflix

Headspace: Guide to Meditation (Netflix)

One of the most popular meditation apps, by far, is Headspace. We’ve talked about it before (several times, in fact), and it’s usually one of the first options on lists about apps to download and try for wellness and meditation. However, in order to get the full experience and benefits of the app, you have to pay for it, which may not be a plausible option for young people.

Those who have a Netflix account can now access an 8-episode series by Headspace about meditation. Similar to how Netflix released Tidying Up with Marie Kondo a couple of years ago to help those clean up and organize their space for the new year, Headspace’s show also released on January 1st of this year, there for those who want to learn better techniques in managing their mental health and stress. While meditation might not be for everyone, the show is a good primer to help viewers explore and try different techniques, while learning just how meditation can help benefit their mind and routine.

Check out the trailer below!

Have you ever tried meditation? Did you do it through an app? How do you feel about meditation? Do you think meditation could benefit your child?

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