Acknowledging Depression

As if their brain wasn’t already cooperating with them enough, sometimes it’s hard for adolescents to verbalize what is happening to them or how they feel.

Depression, anxiety, as well as other mental health symptoms and disorders, can sometimes make it difficult for individuals to express themself.

So how can adolescents communicate how they are doing with their parents? Here are some suggestions:

  • Write a letter about it, and give the letter to their parents as a way of starting the conversation
  • Find information online, and use it as a conversation starter
  • Advocate for yourself or others, keep talking about what is happening, don’t allow depression (or anything) to make you shy away from taking care of yourself

We think some of these suggestions can work really well to help parents start the conversation. It can be hard to gather all your thoughts at once. Writing a letter, getting information online, and keeping the conversation going are all great ways for parents to engage in the process as well.

Acknowledging depression for what it is and helping to reduce the stigma surrounding it will help adolescents feel less alone and better understood.

What are some ways you can communicate with your child about their mental health? What are some ways to open the lines of communication that you have used before? Leave a comment in the Comments section below!

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