Texting and Driving with Apple’s newest iOS 11 feature


Did you know the number one cause of death to teenagers is car crashes? Some studies show that texting is a big part of that problem.

But it’s not just teens – it’s parents and adults too! Take a look at this video from ABC News showing some video of actual car crashes that happen with texting.

ABC Breaking US News | US News Videos

To help reduce this number and to try to keep drivers focused on the road, Apple announced recently its new “Do Not Disturb While Driving” setting (DNDWD).  This setting , available for iPhone users, can detect when you might be driving and will automatically silence incoming texts and notifications.  The iPhone screen will also remain dark.  DNDWD works if your phone is connected to a car through Bluetooth or a cable.  In addition, the setting will allow the driver to send automatic replies to those attempting to reach them. According to New York Magazine, the automatic replies will be:

“I’m driving with Do Not Disturb turned on. I’ll see your message when I get where I’m going.”

And the second will say:

“If this is urgent, reply ‘urgent’ to send a notification through with your original message.”

The feature will be available this fall.  There is also the chance that other phone companies will follow Apple and make their own DNDWD setting.

What do you think about Apple’s DNDWD feature?  Will you share it will your child?  We’d love to hear from you about this newest safety feature!  

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