Podcasts about Mental Health

Podcasts are everywhere these days. You can find any podcast about any topic imaginablestory retellings, or completely fictional podcasts that are the 21st century versions of the old kinds of radio shows that were popular back in the 50s. You can learn a new skill or find more information about decades-old crime stories, or even just listen to a few people talk about nothing significant and just what’s been going on in their lives.

It shouldn’t be a surprise then that there are definitely podcasts available that candidly discuss mental health. Even these can be hard to navigate though; sometimes adolescents may not feel like they’re the right demographic or what the people are talking about is something they can really relate to.

We tried to find a few podcasts about mental health that keep young adults and adolescents as one of their main audiences – check them out below!

The Bright Sessions Possibly one of the most popular podcasts, The Bright Sessions is a fictional audio drama about a psychologist’s sessions with her patients (with a bit of a twist). One blogging ambassador has previously recommended and talked about this podcast – check it out here!

This is Normal This podcasts gives the average, everyday young adult the microphone. Each episode has a different young adult talk about their challenges and struggles with mental health, offering advice and their experiences to remind listeners that they’re not going through their problems alone.

Teen Health Matters While the focus of this podcast isn’t specifically on mental health per se, it was still designed to be an educational tool for adolescents on all sorts of health matters. There are several episodes that relate to mental health (there’s one about dealing with back to school stress, social media and body image, and depression), but others may be of use as well (for example, there’s even one talking about managing money as a teenager). Professionals and doctors who are experts on these topics come into provide as much information as possible.

Do you listen to podcasts? If so, do you listen to any that focus on mental health? Would you suggest any of the above podcasts to your child? Share any of your recommendations!

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