Recognizing My Anxiety

The SOVA Project is happy to feature this blog post written by one in our team of fantastic SOVA Ambassadors—these are young people who help create meaningful blog posts from adolescents’ perspectives. We hope you can use their post to start a conversation with your adolescent.

Recently I sensed a change in my mood. My thoughts have been racing, I have been feeling more and more fatigued and just overall worried and anxious.

Even though sometimes I get this type of anxiety, I could not pinpoint the source of it for the past couple days. I had nothing to worry about and have just been going through my normal day and studying for some upcoming tests. Even though I was not consciously anxious about my upcoming duties, my body was definitely feeling it. This was an experience that was all new to me.

Finally, I had to sit down and understand why I was feeling the way that I was feeling and come to terms with my feelings of anxiety. I figured that even though consciously I was not worrying about my tests, something in my brain was. It took me sometime to recognize that I was still anxious about school as well as some other minor things in my life.

When I finally came to terms about this anxiety and the physical symptoms it was causing me, I can now use some techniques to help manage it. I have been listening to music, going out for walks and talking to my friends and family. These techniques have helped my “subconscious” anxiety a lot, even though I really didn’t recognize it was there for awhile.

This experience made me realize how much more I can be in tune with my mental health and gave me a reminder about how often I should be checking in on myself.

Have you ever asked your child why they feel anxious, but they can’t explain why? Has your child ever complained about how their body feels? Have you ever asked them if they’re feeling anxious? How can you help them recognize what might be causing their anxiety?

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