Stop Anxiety with Hypnosis

Can an app for hypnosis help treat your adolescent’s anxiety?

Apps are available for everything these days, including your mental health and well-being. One app available is Anxiety Relief Hypnosis.

anxiety hypnosis

The idea behind the app is it helps reduce anxiety and fear by improving relaxation skills. The developers of the app state that hypnosis can decrease anxious thoughts and enhance your response to relaxation, which, in turn, resets your behavior and enables an improved response to stress. The app provides an audio session read by a certified hypnotherapist together with calming music and sounds from nature to aid relaxation. The “awaken at end” feature can be disabled to allow you to fall into restful sleep at bedtime.

Those who practice and carry out hypnosis say hypnosis is a series of reminders to reduce anxiety and fear by encouraging an individual’s mind to go in more positive directions when they feel overwhelmed by negativity.

The app developers and hypnotists believe hypnosis is becoming a more commonly used practice. However, it is not an easy fix. According to those who do hypnosis, it requires patience, commitment and consistency.

Anxiety Relief Hypnosis is available to download for free for both Android and iPhone users. Read more about other Mental Health Apps.

A lot of doubt and stereotypes are attached to hypnosis. Are you skeptical of hypnosis? Would your child try this app or hypnosis with a certified hypnotist? Have they ever tried the app before, and if so, what was their experience? We’d love to hear from you in the Comments below!

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