Dangers of sharing your location via social media

Social media is highly used among adolescents and teens.  While there are many perks to social media, it also has it’s dangers.  For example, some social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., will share your location without you even knowing. This could be troublesome for your privacy as well as your safety.

What are some of the dangers of sharing your location online?  And how can you prevent sharing too much information?

1.) By posting pictures of you away from your home for long periods of time i.e., vacation or on work or school trips, you are making yourself a target for burglars or home invaders.  If your account is not private, anyone can see that you are not home.

***To help minimize this risk, wait until you’re safely home to post pictures of your time away.

2.) Similarly, you should not post updates or photos disclosing exact residences or any identifying information.  This information could be accessed by anyone and completely exposes your privacy as well as puts you in danger.

***Be sure that when you are taking a picture, mail, credit cards, or driver’s licenses are not anywhere in the frame.

3.) Watch how often you update your statuses about where you are or “check-ins” on social media sites.  By disclosing your every move, it can make it easy for others to track your daily routine and activity.  This constant updating could familiarize them with the exact time of each location that you’re at, the time spent at each location, and whether or not you’re by yourself or with others.

***Never post saying that you are home alone.  Don’t post at the same time everyday disclosing your location.  You want to avoid people learning your routine and where you are during certain times of the day.

BECOME FAMILIAR with your device.  Frequently check your settings to be sure that your location is not being freely distributed without your knowledge.  Always make sure your location settings are off when you do not want people to know where you are.

Source: Kim Komando

Source: Huffington Post

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What are some other dangers of disclosing your location via social media sites that you or your child has witnessed?  Please feel free to share them below. 

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