Media media everywhere!

There’s so much media out there! You might feel out of control when you consider how much media your child uses – tv, gaming, movies – they’re on their phone, they’re on your phone, they’re on the iPad – so many devices! What can you do?

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Many parents can feel overwhelmed. However, there is a great resource, which is online and free from Boston Children’s Hospital. Doctor Michael Rich, an expert on media and kids offers regular posts and videos about how to help your child use media wisely at

Here’s a link on information about teens. 

And an article about getting media out of your child’s bedroom and interrupting sleep.

Here’s a video on mindful media use!

What are your thoughts on your child and social media?  Do teens spend too much time on their phone or other devices?  Is it similar to the time you spent talking to friends on the phone when you were your child’s age? We’d love to hear from you! Please leave a comment in the section below!

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