Become a wiseSOVA Ambassador

We are SO excited to offer you the opportunity to become a wiseSOVA Ambassador.

What is a SOVA Ambassador?

  • a parent who values providing peer support to others who are also struggling to help a child who has symptoms of depression or anxiety
  • a parent who enjoys blogging!

What is the job of a wiseSOVA Ambassador?

  • Try your best to:
    • comment on at least 1 blogpost a week – especially replying to what someone else has said is great!
    • write 1 blogpost a month

Some people don’t want to share what they’ve written and others do – if you are someone who feels comfortable sharing what you’ve written, then you can also share the wiseSOVA site and its blogposts with friends you think would be interested or would make good bloggers!

What’s in it for me?

  • we are studying to see if blogposts written by users will be more helpful than ones we write
  • some research suggests that expressive writing through blogs can help with stress and relieve social isolation
  • that means we will ask you to do a survey when you sign up and at 3 months to ask you about your blogging experience

Wonderful! How do I get started?

    • if you are not registered for our site, please register now so you can comment and make a profile
    • if you haven’t made a comment yet on any of our posts, try it out so we can see your work!
    • email us with the subject line, “I want to blog”
    • we will then email you the survey (don’t fret, its short! and kind of fun…!)
    • we will then upgrade you from a Subscriber to an Author after you take a *short* baseline survey and consent to be in this part of the study
    • review these simple instructions below (blogging tips page) on how to blog:

OK, how do I blog? And what do I blog about? –>

Go to our Blogging Tips Page!

We’re so excited for you to get blogging!!

Photo Credit: sonstroem via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: sonstroem via Compfight cc