It’s a big word, and something no one wants to experience, especially from their health care provider. It might be even worse if it comes from your mental health care provider (e.g., therapist, counselor, psychiatrist). However, we want to assure you that your therapist or psychiatrist are not in their field to judge you or your adolescent. They are not there to make you or your child feel shameful about what you’re going through. IMG_6624[1]

They are there and available for you so that you can have a JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE to honestly and openly express your thoughts, emotions, fears, concerns, and wishes. Whether therapy is carried out as family-based counseling or one-on-one sessions, the room is available to you or your adolescent to vent, cry, laugh, or be joyful, free from judgement. 

The therapist is there to help your adolescent process, to listen to them, to offer advice, to help them practice what they want to say, and to learn new coping skills to get through life.

Do you have any reservations about seeing a therapist? Are you worried if your child sees a therapist? Do you have any positive experiences with a mental health professional? We’d love to hear from you! 

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