Self-Care is Taking Care of YOU!

Photo Credit: juhansonin via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: juhansonin via Compfight cc

Sometimes the hardest thing to do when coping with an illness is to take care of yourself. Or as many call it “Self-Care.”

Self care is not about indulgence, it’s about self-preservation – Audrey Lorde

Defining what self-care means is a personal journey. Sometimes self-care may look like a long hot bath, other times it may mean taking a long walk, playing a sport, painting, doing yoga, or journaling. Taking time to discover what helps you get through the tough times and difficult moments is an major part of the journey to living well. Taking care of yourself is important as a parent, it allows you to clear your mind, rest, and be able to take on life!

It’s also important for adolescents to engage in self care for themselves – this may look different from your forms of self care.

Sometimes people feel really alone, that they need to get everything done, or care for everyone else’s needs before their own. This isn’t healthy. Taking time to rejuvenate and being honest with yourself about what you can and cannot accomplish are key in becoming a healthier person.

Need more inspiration?  Check out this YouTube Video by Kati Morton on ‘Self-Care in 5 Easy Steps.’

What activities do you participate in for your own self-care? Do you struggle with self-care? Does your adolescent do any self-care techniques?  Please share with us below! 

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